Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Color In Our Jungle

We live in a world of green. Lots and lots of green in all shades and all textures. But there is also color in our jungle. Here are some pictures that I took this morning from the lanai.

Spring is a time on the mainland for Rhododendron's to bloom. So too is it in Hawaii. These are Vireya Rhododendrons and they have one very distinct advantage over the temperate varieties: They bloom off and on all year round, but many varieties are especially nice in spring.

This Vireya, which is also in the picture above, is an un-named variety that was hybridized very early in the horticultural history of the plants in Hawaii.

This lovely double red hibiscus came to us as a cutting many years ago.

The Vireya in this picture and the one below is Kamrau Bay which is a prolific bloomer and, as you can see, can become a very large plant.


Judy said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the lush color and bloom that brightens my day.

sheepthrills said...

Lovely jungle! Thanks for sharing the beauty.